web developer

I am a passionate web developer, who loves working on backend services and applications and has knowledge of frontend techniques. I develop websites ranging from simple company websites to fully featured web applications or microservices (REST APIs).

I can also develop new functionality for existing websites, applications or CMS which are based on PHP programming language.


  • development of fully featured web applications, microservices or simple company websites.
  • development of new features and maintenance of existing websites and applications.
  • integration with payment processors (i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Banklink, iDeal, Direct-Debit).
  • integration with third party services and APIs (REST, SOAP, XML-RPC)
  • performance and scalability optimizations for web applications.
  • migration and modernization of legacy codebase to modern web development environment (version control, automated testing, continuous integration & delivery).

I write well-engineered code that conforms to latest web development standards (PSR) and follows modern industry practices (SOLID, DRY, DDD). I can help with both young and growing projects and develop or maintain them within budget and schedule constraints. I have experience working on both individual projects and small development teams.

technology stack

  • PHP7+ (Symfony, Laravel, Silex, Lumen).
  • HTML5, CSS3 (Semantic HTML, BEM, SMACCS, Webpack, bower, npm)
  • JavaScript (EmberJS, nodejs).
  • AMQP (RabbitMQ).
  • Dictionary storage & cache (Redis, MongoDB).
  • RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB).
  • BDD / TDD (behat, phpspec, phpunit).

I enjoy learning new technologies and always try to use the best tool to get the job done. I follow industry proven development and project management methodologies (Agile, Lean, TDD / BDD). This allows me to focus on delivering value to my clients.


I also provide devops services for startups, small business or remote development teams. Please do not hesitate to contact me.